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The Frontline to Securing your Property

CPS Security offers security guard solutions, both armed and unarmed, for both business facilities, events and construction sites. We provide security for your place of business, or work sites where your business may be in temporary or part-time operation.

Security Personnel for any Job Site

Our staff is highly-trained, certified in security protocols, and thoroughly screened as part of our recruitment process. When you hire an armed or unarmed guard from CPS Security, we want you to know that you have got the best personnel for the job. Whether you are the manager of a busy hotel, the CEO of a high-rise bank complex, or the foreman at a bustling construction site—we have the security personnel you need. We make sure that every one of our security guards has the expert skills and knowledge to keep you, your property, and your employees safe and secure. We guarantee it.


In addition to being highly-trained and certified, our security officers are held to the highest standards of accountability. Traditional accountability measures ensure that you have only the fullest security coverage of your site, and new methods such as GPS tracking take accountability to the next level. We are able to tell where our security personnel are at all times via GPS tracking, and we use a secure check-in system that allows us to know that patrol schedules and routines are being completed to perfection.

Security Guard Training and Certification

CPS Security provides only top-notch, high-level training to our security guards. This includes interactive scenarios, tests, discussions, presentations, and professional training videos. We won’t just hire anyone and put them to work. We make sure that each one of our personnel is highly trained in both the mental and physical rigors of security solutions. Armed and unarmed security guards are trained in chain-of-command, patrol procedure, observation skills, and report writing. All of our guards receive training in hygiene, uniform policies, and customer service, as well. We know that your business or construction site is important to you, so our personnel will exhibit only the highest levels of professionalism when on the job.

In addition to the training mentioned above, we also train our CPS Security officers in on-the-site professionalism. We have high expectations for each of our guards, and during this training, we stress proper behavior at the job site, punctuality, and respectful treatment of other people on the site (public citizens, site workers, coworkers, etc). This training also includes extensive training on the negative consequences resulting from poor work-site behavior, such as abandoning post, using electronic devices or entertainment equipment while on duty, sleeping on duty, etc. CPS Security has a clearly established a process for handling infractions with strict disciplinary actions, including termination from the assigned job.

Along with this standard regiment of security training, all of our personnel undergo injury-prevention training, including training on what to do in the case of injury to CPS Security personnel, or injuries to other individuals on the work site. In addition, we require all CPS Security personnel to undergo sexual harassment sensitivity training and education.

We also make sure that all of our security personnel have the most up-to-date training by providing ongoing 4-hour training sessions on a variety of subjects. This ensures that all of our personnel have cutting-edge knowledge and training.

Some of our security training courses include:

  • Documentation & Observation
  • Public Relations Techniques
  • Liability and Legal Consideration
  • Communication Skills
  • Officer Survival Training
  • Handling “Difficult Customers”

At CPS Security, we believe in going beyond the base requirements. You don’t want the bare minimum in protection, so we don’t stop at the bare minimum of training. Our certification classes take our personnel beyond most state and federal security training requirements. We only use accredited and recognized training courses and materials, and we collaborate with such organizations as The Professional Security Training Network. Our program meets the requirements of the rigorous 40-hour training mandate in California and has been approved by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We strive to meet and exceed standards and requirements put forth by most state agencies.

Why Choose us?

We have outlined our training process in detail for one reason: we want you to know why CPS Security stands above all other security personnel firms. We want you to know that when a CPS Security guard arrives on your work site, you’ll be working with a highly-trained, skilled, consummate professional. You won’t have to worry about just who’s going to show up on a given day for a given job. You’ll come to know and trust your CPS Security personnel, and they’ll provide all the trusted security you need.

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