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Transport and logistics security is a vital part of the manufacturing and shipping industry. Every company that produces items for sale must ship them somehow, and this usually happens through a trucking fleet or the help of a company that has a trucking fleet. When these shipments are moving, they must be secure to assure the customer that they are getting their products from one place to another. Also, the people who are shipping these products must make sure that their yards and warehouses are secure.

The warehouses that store products before they are moved must have a full security detail, and the lots where the trucks sit in must also be secure to ensure that the products that are sitting on those trucks have been secured. With the logistics and transport security details from CPS Security, every company can get all of their security needs handled.

The goal of logistics and transport security is to lock down the entire facility and allow the business to run normally so that they do not have to worry about the safety of the trucks, drivers and products. These security teams are able to keep the warehouse and fleet facility safe while also allowing the business to do everything they need to do. We stay out of the way so that the business can operate in safety.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Security

Securing the Warehouse

The warehouse that holds all of the items that are meant for shipment must be under 24-hour guard. The products are all kept in one place, and there are always people coming in and out of the facility.

When the facility has a fence line or perimeter, our CPS security officers can set up a guard station at the front of the facility to ensure that only trucks in the fleet and authorized personnel get into the facility. This means that only the people who drive the trucks and manage the fleet are going to get new the warehouses themselves.

Our security protocols will check trucks in and out of the facility to help the company ensure that their trucks are coming and going as they should. We help with the logistics of the operation, and we make sure that the front door is secure.

The warehouse itself must also be patrolled at all hours to ensure that the items in the warehouse as safe. Intruders need to be kept out of the facility, and only authorized personnel should be let into the warehouse. The organization and the security of the warehouse becomes our responsibility at all hours.

Securing the Lot

The lots where the trucks are located must also be patrolled to ensure that everyone in the lot is safe. The spaces between trucks are very tight, and it would be easy for people to get away with theft and assault in between the trucks. This means that our officers are always walking among the trucks and ensuring that the people who drive the trucks and load the merchandise are safe during the process.

When our officers are on the lot, they can help to direct traffic in the lot and ensure that people are driving and walking safely. People must be protected from moving trucks, and our officers help to make sure that there is nothing going wrong on the lot.

Preparing for Emergencies

When emergency situations happen on the lot or at the warehouse, our officers are trained to call for help and offer all of the information that the local authorities are going to need. The local police, fire and EMTs must be given proper information to get to the lot or warehouse to ensure that people are kept safe.

The business that we are securing is not going to have to worry about these problems. Our officers are dedicated to the safety and security of the trucks and the drivers. This is why our officers are trained in CPR and call for help whenever there is a problem. The business managers only need to wait for our officers to spring into action.

Our Promise

Our promise to our customers is that they will always be secure when they are at work. The drivers who bring their trucks onto the lot are going to be safe and secure when they are walking among the trucks. The warehouse and products in the warehouse will be watched at all times by our security officers, and we will give the business the peace of mind that they need to keep their business running.

Our trained and equipped security officers are the best in the industry when it comes to transport and logistics security. We know how to set up a guard station at the entrance to the facility. We patrol the warehouses and the lots, and we are able to respond to emergency situations that may happen on the premises.

With our security officers on the job, the business that runs trucks and products all day long will be safe and secure under our umbrella.

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