Customized Solutions to Protect Public Transit Systems

Transit security is a very important part of many college campuses, small communities, and large businesses. Whether there is a shuttle running from one class building to another or there is a small bus system for a tiny community, there must be security officers on guard at all times to make sure that the transit system is safe. Anyone who has taken the bus or the train understands that the places where these buses and trains go must be secured to ensure the safety of everyone who counts on the transit system. Without this peace of mind, it is very difficult for people to trust the transit system that is available to them.

Transit Security Guards

Security Guards On The Vehicles

There are many transit systems that would prefer to have a security officer on the train or the shuttle that is going from one place to another. This is especially important late at night and early in the morning when people are getting on these vehicles and waiting for them in the dark.

Our goal is to make every single vehicle safe for the drivers and for the passengers. We can put a security guard on every single vehicle in the transit system to ensure that there is always someone there to keep the peace regardless of what time of day it is or how many people are on the vehicle. We understand that women must be especially vigilant when they are taking any kind of transit system, and we will make sure that women know the vehicles are a safe place to be.

Security Guards at Commuter Stations

The stations where people catch these buses, trains and shuttles must also be patrolled whenever the transit system is running. Just as women must be vigilant when they are riding on these vehicles, they must be even more vigilant when they are waiting to board these vehicles. The vehicles start running early in the morning, and they do not stop running until late at night. However, the ladies who are waiting for these vehicles must be assured that someone is at the station to assure their safety when they are there alone or it is very dark outside.

Our security officers even go the extra mile and walk ladies to their vehicles if that is necessary. We are committed to the safety of every on the transit system, and that involves having enough people on the system to ensure that everyone at every station is safe no matter the time of day.


Because we can place officers at all of the stations and on all of the vehicles, we will coordinate emergency response with local authorities. The local authorities will be given specific instructions about where to go and what the situation is so that they have the proper information when they arrive on the scene. Also, our security guards will be able to diffuse any situations and offer emergency help until the police or an ambulance arrives

Our security guards are equipped with vehicles that can take people from stations to local emergency care facilities if necessary, and our officers are also trained in CPR to ensure that they can help on the scene of an emergency.

Patrolling The Routes

Our officers also patrol the routes that the vehicles take to get from one place to another. We want to make certain that every single person who rides the transit system feels safe, but we also know that people may walk along the routes of these buses and trains. Rather than avoiding these areas, we want to make sure that people are safe if they have missed the bus or train and choose to walk.

Our officers will be in vehicles that can pick people up and take them to their final destination to ensure their safety.

The Parking Lots

Every transit system has a parking lot, and the parking can be a scary place for people, and this is especially so at night. When our security guards are on patrol, they check the parking lots to make sure that the lots are safe. As before, we will walk people to their vehicles if they need it, and we will also ensure that the lots are clear of any debris.

Existing Camera Systems

If there is a camera system on the transit line, we will have officers watching those cameras to be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. We watch carefully to make sure that everyone who is using the transit system is safe, and we also train our security guards in communication to make sure that they can communicate potential trouble to their fellow officers or the drivers.

When CPS is put on the job of handling security for the entire transit system, we work very hard to ensure that the system is safe. When people wait at the station, get on the bus and walk to their car, we always have people there to make sure that everyone is safe. Our job at CPS is to allow everyone to feel comfortable when they use the transit or shuttle system, and we do that with the finest officers and the best training in the industry.

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