Commercial Property & Real Estate Security

Protecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

CPS Security’s mission is to make your residential building as secure as each client desires, and for the past 20 years in the industry, we’ve been able to exceed that goal.

Property managers can hire CPS Security to provide access control, customer service, emergency response and planning, tenant services and retention, tenant relation, law enforcement communications and system integration.

Every building and neighborhood is different, and certain services may not be as necessary as others. For property managers who want one type of service in one building and another service at one of their other locations, CPS Security is flexible with working at each site location.

Commercial and Retail Security Guards

Access Control:

This option includes either physical security guards to monitor incoming and outgoing guests in the building or our Smart Patrol mobile security solutions, which has a wireless alarm sensor, GPS tracking, high-tech digital video and alarm monitoring. Our alarm system not only monitors the surrounding area but also where our staff is at all times in case we need to be in communication with them or — in the case of multiple hired staff on one site — they have the ability to be in communication with each other. In the event that property managers need CPS Security to focus on evicted tenants or property damage, our monitoring systems are equipped to make sure that tenants also are respectful of the property manager’s buildings.

Customer Service:

For larger buildings in heavy traffic areas, both property managers and tenants may need extra help with guiding guests to their destinations, including visitor parking and tenant parking areas. Having security guards in residential areas may also come in handy for delivery services, including UPS, FedEx and USPS deliveries. For packages that need to enter the building from guests who don’t have security clearance to visit tenants, our guards will be able to hold any packages for safe-keeping.

Emergency Response and Planning:

Our staff is trained to handle best-to-worst case scenarios in residential areas, including high-rise office buildings and apartment complexes. Our security team has on-going training in topics, such as liability, legal aspects, communication and handling difficult people. Interactive training sessions include “what-if” scenarios, quizzes, discussion, PowerPoint presentations and professional training videos. Recognized professional organizations that have trained our staff include The Professional Security Training Network and The California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates.

Abandoned Property Security:

For property managers who don’t necessarily need a physical security officer onsite, our video management system has a two-way audio communication to secure locations. CPS Security can keep an eye on tenant buildings by request when tenants are on vacation or if there’s a request to watch certain floors. Our technology can also secure parking lots, entrance areas and lobbies. If something alarming happens, we will immediately dispatch a trained security guard or police officers.

Our live video verification system helps to reduce false alarms before authorities are sent to all locations. Project managers can always request more technology in larger areas. CPS Security’s full-service monitoring includes tech support, maintenance and software upgrades, camera failure notification, alarm monitoring, video monitoring, archiving and data storage, and a total of 64 cameras in one view from our single interface system. Our interfacing system can immediately playback any video and create still shots for any material needed as evidence.

Security System Integration:

Every residence may require different needs. For some, it’s a matter of better night security. For others, it’s rotating traffic within the building that may be leading to tenant complaints with each other or surrounding areas. Property managers can come to CPS Security with a request for proposal (RFP) so we can help narrow down exactly what the focus should be. CPS Security wants to make our security system be efficient for tenants, property managers and our own security staff. Our goal is to quickly resolve any problems that may arise while working with residential properties.

We also take security complaints very seriously. When training our officers, special attention is paid to proper behavior on the job site, punctuality, being respectful to the public (including contractors, site workers, guests, tenants). CPS Security does not tolerate team members who sleep on posts, abandon posts or use electronic entertainment equipment while on duty. While CPS Security guards are on duty, their focus is on making sure all tenants feel as safe as possible, and property managers are satisfied with knowing that CPS Security is looking out for their buildings.

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