Protecting the Oil & Gas Industry

CPS Security endeavors to ensure crucial energy resources for firms and nation states throughout the world to preserve the security and vitality of their customers and citizens. The company has collaborated with leading oil and gas institutions throughout the world, whereby these firms have come to trust the CPS team as an essential partner in their energy exploration and extraction initiatives. The firm has proven its value through its knowledge and assets in securing resources through the totality of the product lifecycle, from exploration, upstream and downstream processes and to the final product marketing.

Equipped with years of expertise and practice, CPS nimbly navigates diverse facets of the energy industry including risk assessment and intelligence, project management, logistics as well as integrated technology solutions that forge security solution of the highest integrity. Given the depth of its expertise in security in the energy industry, CPS augments the ability of firms in developing efficient mechanisms that are cost efficient and thus enable them to enhance their brand recognition in the marketplace.

CPS Security has established itself in energy security throughout its exclusive partnership with ECAMSECURE, an innovative technology partner. Moreover, the executive team at CPS provides its clientele with innovate solutions in Internet technology, project management, marketing, and communications. The creative division at the firm features as well tremendous vision and energy to accentuate the development of a growing company.

Oil and Gas Refinery Security

Security Services For Oil & Gas Refineries

CPS offers its clients security solutions to ensure the safety and viability of their assets. The firm has partnered with office buildings, enterprises, hospitality venues and building sites. CPS endeavors to develop precise solutions that are both practical and affordable for any budget. Clients work directly with an individually assigned account executive who will guide them throughout the duration of the contract. CPS Security also provides highly qualified security guards to ensure the integrity of commercial, construction and even sites. Each security guard receives a thorough training regimen equipping them with the skills and expertise to protect company assets while greeting visitors with grace.

Information Technology Solutions

Given the usage and vulnerability of network-driven communications in the current business landscape, it is paramount to have enlisted a competent partner in ensuring the security of your business. CPS IT professionals have command of the latest innovations and applications in hardware and software security. Clients capitalize on this expertise either with a comprehensive security program or more tailored solutions targeting network, access control systems, or panel integration issues. In addition, the technicians at CPS facilitate systems solutions such as CCTV, access control, commercial audio/video, emergency phones and data pre-wire. Communication solutions include server architecture, storage solutions, network design, intrusion detection safety, cabling, relocation, installations, voice services and remote monitoring services.

Onsite Operations Services

Whether you are looking to secure an oil exploration site or a natural gas refinery, CPS Security enables you to have peace of mind that your assets are secure. The firm’s web-based mobile surveillance units enable remote surveillance from designated locations. Furthermore, CPS provides mobile trailers and personnel that can secure a location with routine tours and the ability to respond to emergencies. This option enables clientele to customize a plan to their needs, thereby ensuring the integrity of there assets around the clock from a single command station.

Work with CPS

CPS endeavors to distinguish itself as the leader in security solutions for the oil and gas industry. The firm strives to develop customized strategies and tactics, rooted in a synthesis of services and products that satisfy the needs of our clients. CPS offers sound and innovative security solutions supported by the latest technological advances. With over 20 years of security experience, CPS understands every aspect of the industry and the trends in the marketplace. Based in California in the United States, the firm employees over 2,500 seasoned professionals based in 18 offices across the country, including Nevada, Texas, and Florida.

Given the investment CPS has made in developing its products and services as well as the intellectual capital of its team members, the firm has emerged as a leader in the security industry. Whether you are looking to secure an upstream gas operation or simply looking to secure downstream marketing spaces, CPS has the resources and knowledge to develop a security solution suited to your evolving needs. Partnering with the company bolsters the ability of your firm to distinguish itself from the competition, cementing its place in the marketplace.

Ultimately, providing secure solutions to your operations that guarantee their integrity originate from a thorough understanding of the entire process in a given business cycle. Trust CPS to secure your next venture, and the only regret you will have is that you didn’t partner with us sooner.

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