Corporate Security Services

Corporate security differs from standard security services in a few key ways.

CPS Security’s corporate security officers possess a different skill set necessary for working in a more nuanced business environment. When hiring this caliber of security officers we stress the importance of appearance, courtesy, and professionalism.

To achieve excellence in security, our corporate security officers are trained to work seamlessly with you and your employees. With our corporate security officers, customization and flexibility mean you’ll daily incident reports or activity reports. We want our officers to integrate into your staff, and we’ll make sure they’re equipped and outfitted the way you require. Our security badges can even be customized to your business needs, as long as the design is approved by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Unarmed Security Officers

What Our Corporate Security Officers Can Offer

Corporate security officers can meet many common corporate security needs with the highest of quality. Their high level of training also makes them the perfect candidates for more complicated, customized security needs. Whether you’re dealing with a smaller corporate setting or a fast-paced and complicated business scenario, our security officers are trained to handle day-to-day issues in the corporate context.

Physical Security

Corporate security officers are the keystone to physical security on your property. We can maintain 24-hour security and surveillance of your property, business, or building. By working in tandem with electronic detection devices, CPS Security’s officers – whether alone, or as part of a team- provide all of the security presence you and your business require. They provide a visible presence that is highly effective in deterring would-be criminals.

A Human Resource

Our corporate security service is also your best choice when it comes to interacting with employees, customers, visitors, and personnel. They can greet and check in individuals arriving at your business, and ensure that any person entering your building or property is authorized to do so.

Corporate security services can go beyond what your typical security guards can offer. You can use corporate security officers to provide appropriate assistance and guidance to clients, employees, guests, and visitors. They are also useful in ensuring that rules and policies are observed and enforced to your requirements. At the same time, we provide officers who are trained to be courteous, helpful, and professional in all of their contact with your visitors, customers, and employees.

Security Planning

Our corporate security officers can also work with you to plan security strategies for all of your corporate business needs. We will help you to identify and define prohibited behaviors and design a set of consequences for non-compliance. They can help in identifying how and to whom concerning incidents are reported and how security events and complaints will be investigated.

Defining these procedures is an important step in developing a security plan, and it can be helpful to have an outsider’s perspective. Our corporate security officers can ensure that your security policy considers all potential threats.

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