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CPS Security treats its employees like family. Each day, employees are encouraged to optimize their potential, to become the best versions of themselves. Not only does this allow them to personally improve, but it lets them become the best employees they can be. As a result, CPS Security has an extremely low turnover rate among all employees, particularly security offers, meaning that customers are able to grow friendly with the staff they see on a regular basis and receive a much higher level of customer service than they might otherwise receive.


To provide the utmost security to our customers means attracting the highest quality staff. At CPS Security, employees are offered a competitive benefits package and fair wages. To top it all off, our automated application system makes it easy to apply, and easy to follow the status of the application every step of the way. There’s no nonsense questions or time-consuming surveys involved; we don’t waste our applicants time.


Of course, for any security company, background checks are essential. We provide a thorough screening service to all potential employees to ensure that only the most qualified, highest caliber people are hired.

Background checks

All of our background checks are conducted off-site by a third, unbiased party to ensure complete fairness. Take note: negative results on a background check do not instantly equate to ineligibility.

Drug Testing

Drugs are not tolerated, and CPS Security has a drug-free workplace policy. As a result, all potential candidates are required to take part in a pre-employment drug test.

Thorough In-Person Interview

Once an applicant has made it past the background check and drug test, an in person interview is conducted that allows the applicant to display their character and communication skills. This is the most important part of the application process; candidates without the proper interpersonal communication skills will not make the cut to the final phase, as customer service is one of the most valued aspects at CPS Security.


To introduce candidates to the security industry, as well as to acquaint those who know the industry but not our company, CPS Security takes applicants through an extensive orientation course. At the end of this course, applicants who have passed all other sectors of the application process must pass a final exam. If they do so, then they are hired on to the company.


CPS Security works hard to find the highest quality employees. Once we find them, we like to hang on to them. We offer a number of benefits to provide the best experience for an employee, inviting them to make us their career. These benefits include:

  1. A 401(k) Plan, tiered based on how long an employee has been with the company, and with up to a 75% company match. This means that for every bit employees put into the 401(k), we’ll match up to 75%. $100 can turn into $175 just like that.
  2. Great employee-management relations. Unlike many companies, CPS Security ensures that employees and management are able to communicate clearly with one another so that the highest levels of customer satisfaction can be obtained.
  3. Comprehensive medical plans that provide the most coverage at the best value for employees and their families.
  4. Free life insurance for all full time employees, with optional riders that extend to immediate family.
  5. Performance incentives to give employees the latest bit of boost they need to go above and beyond the call of duty.

CPS Security strives to become the go-to company in security for anyone who needs security services. We serve industries that range from solar construction to commercial operations, providing superior security through our highly trained officers every step of the way. The customer service we provide to our clients is supplied through our employees.

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