Our Mission

Here at CPS Security, we have as our mission to partner with our clients for their security needs. We believe that our ability to excel at serving our clients is based on our understanding that people are at the heart of it all, and we work hard to maintain good relationships with our clients. CPS Security tailors our products and services to the unique needs of those who look to us for their solutions, and we are proud of being leaders in the industry with both our permanent and temporary security options for construction and commercial properties.

The Values We Hold

We Build Trust

The value we hold at the center of our company is focusing all of the capability of the people in our organization, both intellectual and ethical, on our clients and their needs.

Our Rewards

At CPS Security, we believe in rewarding those employees who are with us. We offer recognition for those who rise to the top and stand out through their dedication and service, including self-starters who thrive on challenges and rise to meet the goals. We believe that those who achieve excellence in service, in both team efforts and individual efforts, deserve to be rewarded for that success. We also believe that respect is an important factor when it comes to maintaining good, solid relationships with open communication between employers and their employees. These relationships are the foundation on which we base our superior service.

We Offer Opportunity To Grow

CPS Security believes that employees should be able to expand in their knowledge and work skills, so we offer a variety of opportunities to help them experience that growth. Individuals can benefit personally from training to help them achieve a higher level of service. Those who work as a team will also benefit from opportunities to grow together toward providing a smooth and well-adjusted effort at teamwork. And as a whole, through the growth of individuals and teams alike, the entire organization will advance as a unit, growing in their ability to provide great service in a great work environment.

We’re Dedicated To Equipping Our Employees

At CPS Security, we believe that it’s important to empower our employees to be the best that they can be. We strive to do this through a variety of avenues such as training and involvement. We offer a work environment that is comfortable and also one that remains diverse as well, and employees have the opportunity to develop their skills through a variety of different programs that will increase their capability and confidence in the work they perform.

Our Promise To Customers In Our Service

CPS Security is dedicated to our clients, our employees, and our community. We seek to honor all commitments to those we interact with, from the customers who come to us for security solutions to the people who come to work for us as our employees. We believe that integrity is important and we strive to be diligent in the commitments that we have.

Our Promise Of Quality

Equally important when it comes to promises is the trust that goes into our commitments. We pursue the building of that trust to establish strong relationships with our customers and employees. Every personal interaction that CPS Security has is based on that foundation of trust and respect. We deliver quality security solutions to our clients, by offering quality security employees who share the same basis of trust and respect.

Our Commitment

Each and every individual who works at CPS Security is dedicated to doing their part when it comes to providing the best quality security solutions to our clients. We have superior service and good relationships to ensure the best experience for both our customers and our employees. Our programs cultivate this quality dedication and it becomes the focus that is carried out with faithfulness.

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